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You've invested time and money in getting your website on line - Make sure people can find it! You need to make sure it's primed for the search engines!





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Top Sites 1 Year Package

The Top Sites package is geared to prime your web site for indexing in the most frequently used search sites on the web. A subscription to the Top Sites will ensure that your site is is properly indexed by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This is a sound investment in web promotion.

The Top Sites package we offer has intrinsic value in that we prime your site, preparing it for indexing in the top search engines on the web using the same knowledge and skills we use to promote our own web site. We submit your site to be included in future indexing, which can take up to one month depending on the search engine and generally provides a sound foundation for getting your site relevant listings in the webs most popular and widely used search sites. Without priming your web site, even paid services to specific search engines may not achieve good results. (Sponsored ads excluded - however sponsored ads are costly.) Our inexpensive service is a great value for a very small investment and something every web site should include.

After reviewing your site, our Web Promotion Specialist will:

1. Verify your site’s suitability for submission to our TopSites network.
NOTE: If your site is not considered up to par for inclusion, we will notify you and suggest changes before submitting.
2. Analyze
your homepage and make adjustments as necessary.
3. Check your source-code for meta tags, keyord content, etc. & Supply as necessary.
4. Submit your Home Page to our TopSites network.
5. Send you a confirmation and details of your site was submitted.

Search engines operate independently and we have no agreement with them and do not pay for any of their paid indexing services.

Only $99. Order

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