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Self-Managed Web Site

The self-managed web site is a content management system (cms)that allows you to create as many pages as you like and edit your content through a web based form. No special skills are required - if you can edit a word document, you can edit your own web pages. It's that simple!

Web sites made with a content management system are very professional looking and very logical in terms of navigation. People surfing the web for information have a good user experience on sites that use a cms because they can find the information they want without hunting around the site.

The self-managed web site is perfect for small business and real estate agents. If you have a small business, your web site will come with a shopping cart that lets you process orders and add an unlimited* number of products. The sophisticated features of the cart allow you to charge various taxes for different states or provinces and does all the calculations and sends an invoice to your client after the payment has been processes. Real estate agents can add listings with details and a slide show of up to 10 pictures per property.

The functionality gained by using a cms is extremely useful and worry free. Various components that perform tasks on the web site can be added. Real estate sites , for example, can have featured or new listings appear on the home page for a predetermined period of time without having to remember to remove it after a specific number of days. Small businesses can do the same for a product promotion or coupons, etc. One can have a calendar on the site and announce all their open houses or special events. A user poll can be added, or a button that lets the viewer print out a printable version of the web page or email the page to a friend.

This is the best value for your money and you can have unlimited* pages for your web site without additional costs. You will also avoid fees charged by webmasters for updating the content of your pages. All you need is a computer connected to the internet, anywhere, anytime, and you can update your pages through a web based form.

FREE hosting of your new web site for 1 year! (Note: this is a complimentary service intended to host your new web site at your new domain name and not a full hosting account with access privileges.)

Great value - includes one year of hosting and domain name registration! only $995.


*As many items/pages as will fit within the server space allotted to the account. (50 megabytes.)


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