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Domain Name Registration

Domain Registration Fraud

With increasing frequency, outside companies are making unsolicited offers directed towards our customers. It has been brought to our attention that these letters have been causing a great deal of confusion among our customers. 

A company calling itself "Domain Registry of Canada" or "Domain Registry of America" is targeting A1 Promotions customers to transfer their domains by renewal. They obtained our customers' contact information through the publicly accessible WHOIS database, and are sending renewal notices through regular mail in an envelope and on stationary intentionally designed to appear to be an official government notice. This is an unethical practice.

You absolutely SHOULD NOT remit any payments to "Domain Registry of Canada" or "Domain Registry of America" in order to renew your domain, as A1 Promotions is your official domain name provider.

If you have or plan to register a domain through, It is of the utmost importance that you ignore ALL communications regarding your domain name registrations except those sent directly from A1.

Fraud Squad Registrant Report and Recovery Action List
The following is an outline for registrants to report incidents of solicitation and a suggested list of recovery actions they should use to recover from the potentially adverse effects of the transaction.

Contact Payment Authority

In all likelihood, these transactions will not be processed if the company is not able to secure payment for the transaction.  If you have already sent money to one of these companies, we suggest contacting your bank, provider or credit card company immediately regarding your options to have any payment you may have authorized either stopped or reversed.

Major Credit Card Company Contact Numbers:

Visa Global Customer Assistance: 1-800-847-2911
Mastercard USA: 1-800-MC-ASSIST (1-800-622-7747)
Mastercard Canada: 1-800-307-7309
American Express: 1-800-528-4800
Diners Club USA: 800 2 DINERS (1-800-234-6377)
Diners Club Canada: 1 800 363 3333

Report Incident to
In an effort to protect our business and your domain name registration, weíre asking for the help of all registrants.  It is important that you contact us to report any incident of solicitation as soon as possible.  This will help A1 Promotions prevent others like you from being deceived by this solicitation and to aid you in the recovery of your domain.

Please report all incidents of solicitation to:
Box 363 Victoria Station
Westmount, Quebec
Canada H3Z 2V8

Or send us E-mail by visiting our contact page at:

Send Evidence to
We are working with Tucows OpenSRS, our supplier and the appropriate authorities on assessing the pursuit of legal and policy initiatives at our disposal.  Please help us by taking the time to send evidence of these solicitations. 

Samples can be sent to:
Box 363 Victoria Station
Westmount, Quebec
Canada H3Z 2V8

Report Incident to the Authorities
Proactively combating these sorts of unscrupulous business practices is the only way to ensure these companies are stopped.  This will not only help you, but all registrants, to enjoy the freedom to choose your provider and to be free from solicitations designed to deceive or trick you. 

Incidents of solicitation can be reported using the following resources:

In General
Check out for the latest information on these sorts of solicitations.

In the United States:
Report your incident at the United States Postal Inspection Service On-line Complaints web site at:

You can also complete the PDF Form found at: and send the completed report to your Postmaster

or mail to:

CHICAGO IL 60606-6100

Notify Postal Inspectors at 1-800-FRAUD-IS (1-800-373-8347)

In Canada:
Businesses and consumers who believe they have been misled should contact the Competition Bureau toll free at 1-800-348-5358 or visit their web site located at:

Report your incident using the Competition Bureau On-line Complaints form here:

Review the latest information at the The RCMP website which can be found at:
Thank you for your assistance!

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